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Getting stronger every time.

Do you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and would you like to open one or more studios within our franchise system? Are you full of conviction for our concept? Do you want to ensure our customers achieve their goals through a combination of dedication and pro-activeness, persuasion and courage, team spirit and collaboration? If so, you are the right fit for us. We are looking for strong personalities who will work with us to ensure a strong brand.

We represent:

Customer satisfaction

We ensure that our customers are at the heart of our actions. Only if we set a common example of a strong attitude will we succeed in convincing and inspiring our customers.

Passion that makes us strong

We act dynamically and think ahead. We achieve great things through energy, determination and passionate personal effort. Conviction and dedication for the Kieser brand ensure we stand out and will make us even stronger in future.

Scientifically based methods

We do not chase trends; we create them. Our training methods are scientifically based and empirically verified.

Pro-activeness and credibility

What we do is done for a good reason. We act. We stick to what we promise. We communicate openly and honestly what we cannot promise.

Team spirit and a collaborative nature

By combining our strengths and abilities as a franchiser with yours as a franchisee and by pulling together, we can be successful.


Focusing on the essential has been the Kieser motto for over 50 years: health-oriented, efficient strength training on specially developed machines. Nothing that we do is about trends. Instead, our focus is on the benefit for our customers. We are convinced that a strong body is the basis for an active and healthy life. The goal of our scientifically based concept is to solve problems concerning age-related and inactivity-related muscle loss, thus keeping the body – and particularly the back – healthy and effective. Kieser was founded by Werner Kieser (1940 - 2021) in 1967. He sold the company in 2017. Since then, it has been managed by long-term CEO Michael Antonopoulos as co-owner. Kieser is deemed the international standard for health-focused strength training and has been expanding via franchising since 1981. There are currently over 160 studios in Australia, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland.

The strengths of the concept

Minimal time investment
Scientific findings
Specialised training machines

Porträt von Werner Kieser, Unternehmensgründer von Kieser Training

What is franchising?

Company founder Werner Kieser (1940 - 2021) defines franchising as a distribution method in his work “Franchising – growth opportunities for SMEs. A guide for franchisers.” It all starts with a service. If this service can be sold, a product arises. If the producer of the service decides on franchising as the distribution method, they become the franchiser and offer franchisees the opportunity to use the product, or in other words an established brand and a functioning concept. The franchisees in turn pay a start-up fee and ongoing fees. Franchising is therefore a partnership of independent companies.

Why franchising?

You act independently.
You have a strong partner behind you.
You get a finished concept.
You benefit from an established brand.
You gain the necessary tools.

Offer and positioning: sharp instead of blunt

Many people are familiar with the Matterhorn. Why? It isn’t the highest mountain or the biggest. Yet for many, it is the epitome of the mountain. The reason for this is that the Matterhorn has a shape that observers remember forever: a pointed, strongly delineated profile that is unlike all other mountains surrounding it. The fitness market could be compared with a mountainous landscape. There are monoliths, hills, mountains, massifs and chains – in other words, more or less striking small companies, medium-sized companies, large enterprises and chains. Which are you familiar with? The large and the outstanding ones. The more focused the offer, the more striking the summit. "Kieser specialises in health-focused strength training on machines and offers a scientifically proven impact based on physiological criteria. Our positioning between fitness and medicine makes us unique on the market."

Michael Antonopoulos, CEO and co-owner of Kieser

Porträt von Michael Antonopoulos, Eigentümer von Kieser Training

Our target group

"Our core target group is between 40 and 60 years of age. With a renewal rate of 80 per cent, we have very loyal customers. But younger people also train with us, as the Australian market shows."

Michael Antonopoulos, CEO and co-owner of Kieser

What we offer

We offer you something that it takes a lifetime of work to build up: a strong brand and a functioning concept. This includes:

  • An international brand established for over 50 years
  • A scientifically based concept
  • An offer certified many times over with considerable benefits
  • Own department for research and machine development
  • 40 years of experience as a franchiser
  • Know-how from over 160 studios
  • Striking architectural concept with own architects
  • Own training centre and strong training partners
  • Sound location analyses as well as region and brand protection
  • Support with investment planning and budgeting
  • Professional tools for marketing and PR
  • Large supplier network and collective purchasing

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners who wish to make the Kieser brand even stronger using all of their knowledge and skills. What you will contribute:

  • Completed education or studies
  • Knowledge from the field of sport or medicine
  • Business knowledge
  • Excellent planning skills
  • Experience in staff management
  • Knowledge of marketing/sales
  • Financial means
  • Strong attitude and role-model function
  • Pronounced social skills
  • Distinct service focus

Six steps to success

1. See for yourself:
Find out more about the Kieser concept on our company websites. You can also complete introductory training in one of our studios. Additional studio visits will enable you to gain a more detailed impression. Study our requirements profile and check whether you meet the requirements.

2. Get in touch with us:
Write us your request by mail.

3. We get to know one another:
We will arrange an online interview for an initial discussion. This will enable us to quickly clear up key questions before you head to our headquarters in Cologne and we meet up for a detailed talk for information and presentation purposes.

4. You become a franchise candidate:
The negotiations get specific. We sign an agreement together for your franchise region to protect your and our interests. It will then be possible to start planning your studio in terms of a location evaluation, budgeting and finance planning.

5. You will complete our training:
In our training centres we will prepare you for specific studio management during the project phase. For this purpose, you will complete basic and manager training. To ensure you gain practical experience and understand our concept from the bottom up, work experience in our studios forms part of this.

6. You become a franchisee:
Once you have completed all stages, signed the lease contract and secured financing, we will sign the franchise contract.


Best Partners 2019
Kieser rated as the only fitness company among the 300 German companies with the highest reputation.
Brand eins, topic: reputation
5th year, volume 10, Nov. 2018-Jan. 2019

Prize Winner 2018
Silver medal in the fitness category
Deutschland Test/Focus Money
46/2018, 10.11.2018

Service Champion 2018
1st place in the fitness category
Silver medal in cross-sector ranking
Die Welt/ServiceValue/Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Best Specialist Customer Advice 2018
1st place in the fitness studios category

Best Service Quality 2018/2019
1st place in the premium fitness studios category

Test Winner 2017
With a score of 2.0, the studios of Kieser Training AG were in top spot in 2017. The trained testers commented on Kieser’s very good introductory training, a good training plan as well as attentive and competent coaches.
Stiftung Warentest
(test 9/2017)