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Over 270,000 people train at Kieser, demonstrating to us time and again how positively the training has affected their health, their enjoyment of life and their active lifestyle.

Kieser has advocated health-centric strength training for over 50 years. In our studios around the world, our customers will find a consistent service, which gives the company an outward “personality” with an unmistakeable character.

Recent job offers

We represent:

Customer satisfaction.
Passion that makes us strong.
Scientifically-based methods.
Pro-activeness and credibility.
Team spirit and a collaborative nature.

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Our customers train in a calm and concentrated atmosphere. In this environment, you are responsible for introducing people to strength training, explaining the machines and training methods at Kieser, and providing advice and support to enable them to achieve their individual goals.

Would you also like to become part of the Kieser concept and show people how they can improve their health and sense of well-being with targeted training? We offer you a diverse range of duties as well as advancement opportunities within our studios:

Jobs at Kieser


As an instructor, you will be in daily contact with our customers. You perform training units, provide advice in relation to training planning and performance, and are on hand at all times to advise and support customers.

The job of the instructor includes the following duties and activities:

  • Performance of advice sessions
  • Sale of training memberships
  • Supervising training and managing the quality of training
  • Receiving customers and accompanying them as they leave
  • Organising events
  • General administration

LE/CE instructor

Kieser offers people with back disorders the option to start with special strengthening machines for the cervical and lumbar spines under medical guidance.

As an LE/CE instructor, your task is to achieve selective muscle development of the intrinsic back muscles with the aid of these special training machines.

This includes the following duties and activities:

  • Instructing customers in the use of the Lumbar Extension (LE) and Cervical Extension (CE) Machines
  • Performing individual adjustments and modifications for the customers
  • Performance of back analyses
  • Performance of dynamic training
  • Performance of antagonist and synergist supplementary training programmes
  • Maintenance of training records and standardised progress reports
  • Discussion of individual training progress with the doctor
  • Machine handling and maintenance

Head of Operations

Kieser is structured as a franchise system, which means that all studios are required to comply with defined standards to ensure that the high quality standards are maintained everywhere. As the Head of Operations, you are responsible for implementing our customer standards.

In addition to the habitual instructor duties, this position also encompasses the following duties:

  • Ensuring that standards are implemented within the studio
  • Personnel scheduling
  • Workforce leadership
  • Utilisation of the standard IT systems

Managing Director

As the Managing Director, you are responsible for successfully managing the Kieser studio. This includes the following duties and activities:

  • Leading a team of around ten employees
  • Establishing the annual revenue targets (cooperation with the National Manager for Germany)
  • Monitoring monthly revenues and taking corrective action where planning is not adhered to
  • Managing annual PR and marketing activities
  • Employee recruitment
  • Employee development (seminar design, further training, internal personnel development)
  • Management and monitoring of administrative procedures
  • Organisation of operational and technical maintenance
  • Development of a functional “network” (acquisition of affiliate companies, etc.)