Kieser Training takes over Exersuisse

Kieser Training AG takes over Exersuisse AG, which will increase the number of training studios in Switzerland from its current number of 7 studios to 24 studios.

Kieser Training currently has locations in Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland and employs around 1,600 people. After completion of the acquisition of Exersuisse, the number of Kieser Training studios will increase from 138 to 155 studios. All employees of Exersuisse are taken over.

"Exersuisse and Kieser Training are a perfect match, since Exersuisse was a general franchisee of Kieser Training in Switzerland until 2010.", says the CEO and owner of Kieser Training AG, Michael Antonopoulos. "Through the conceptually identical orientation and the geographic complement of the two companies, we can offer our customers an even denser network of training studios in the future."

"With the merger of the two companies, we will combine the strength of the two chains and will be able to do even more for our customers," says Sandra Thoma Hauser, President of Exersuisse. "Together we have developed a sustainable solution for independent health-oriented strength training in Switzerland."

On October 1, 2017, Kieser Training and Exersuisse customers will also be given access to the studios of the respective partner chain.

About Kieser Training

Kieser Training is the specialist for health-oriented strength training. The company offers preventive, medically controlled and guided training for secure and targeted strengthening of the body. Kieser Training was founded in 1967 by Werner Kieser. With 1,600 employees worldwide, it is regarded as an international standard for preventive and therapeutic strength training. Currently, 273,000 customers are training in 138 studios in Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland.

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